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Chemical Information
Chemical Name: Calcium sulfate
CAS Registry Number: 007778-18-9
Synonyms: Calcium sulfate (CaSO4); Gypsum; Sulfuric acid, calcium salt (1:1); Pigment white 25; Plaster of paris; Sulfuric acid, calcium salt

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Health Studies: Human Health Effects from Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB)
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Products that contain this ingredient
VersaChem Muffler-Cast Bandage KitAuto Productsfabric40.0-60.0
Henry 547 Unipro Universal UnderlaymentHome maintenancepowder2.0-10.0
Red Devil Patching Plaster PowderHome maintenancepowder99
Georgia Pacific Ceiling Texture, Premixed Dry BlendHome maintenancepowder75-95
Georgia Pacific Ready Mix All Purpose Topping CompoundHome maintenancepaste50-75
Georgia Pacific Cameo Veneer PlasterHome maintenancepaste65-85
Thoroseal Foundation CoatingHome maintenancepowder5
Americas Finest Interior Latex Flat Wall Paint, Accent Tint BaseHome maintenanceliquid<55
UGL Plaster of Paris-08/01/2001-old productHome maintenancepowder100
UGL Cerfex Spackling Compound-08/01/2001-discontinuedHome maintenancepowder70
Thoro Super Quickseal-05/07/2001Home maintenancepowder10
MegaLite Rapid Set Crack Prevention Mortar, 6105Home maintenancepowder5.0-15.0
Polyblend Non-Sanded Grout, All Colors, 7100-01/30/2007Home maintenancepowder1.0-5.0
UGL Mar-Gon Floor Leveler and Crack Filler (Powder)-06/01/2005Home maintenancepowder65
UGL Plaster Patch (Powder)-05/01/2006Home maintenancepowder100
Mapei Keracolor SHome maintenancepowder1.0-5.0
Mapei Ultracolor Plus with DropEffectHome maintenancepowder1.0-5.0
Sakrete Anchor CementHome maintenancepowder
Sakrete B-1 Trowel Grade Leveler and UnderlaymentHome maintenancesolid
Sakrete Light Weight Concrete MixHome maintenancesolid1.0-10.0
Sakrete Masonry CoatingHome maintenancesolid
Sakrete Type N Mortar MixHome maintenancesolid
Custom Plaster of ParisHome maintenancepowder49-99.5
Red Devil Plaster of ParisHome maintenancepowder100
Georgia Pacific Featherweight All Purpose CompoundHome maintenancepaste<55
Georgia Pacific Speed Set Joint SystemHome maintenancepowder70-90
Thoro Super Quickseal-Old ProductHome maintenancepowder5
Thorogrip Anchoring CementHome maintenancepowder5
UGL Plaster Patch-08/01/2001-old productHome maintenancepowder30
UGL MarGon Floor Leveler & Crack Filler-08/01/2001-old productHome maintenancepowder65
UGL MarGon Wood Putty-08/01/2001-old productHome maintenancepowder70
Universal Fortified Thinset Mortar, 6088Home maintenancepowder1.0-5.0
Prism SureColor Grout, 7900Home maintenancepowder1.0-10.0
Polyblend White Dry Grout, 7136-05/19/2009Home maintenancepowder1.0-5.0
UGL Plaster of Paris (Powder)-05/01/2006Home maintenancepowder100
Laticrete PermaColor GroutHome maintenancepowder3.0-5.0
Mapei Keracolor UHome maintenancepowder1.0-5.0
Sakrete Glass Block MortarHome maintenancepowder
Sakrete Stone Veneer MortarHome maintenancesolid
USG Imperial Basecoat PlasterHome maintenancepowder<10.0
Vigoro Fruit, Nut & Citrus Fertilizer SpikesLandscape/Yardsolid
Sakrete Leak StopperLandscape/Yardsolid
Vigoro Evergreen Fertilizer SpikesLandscape/Yardsolid
Sakrete Fast Set Concrete Mix-02/01/2009Landscape/Yardpowder
Sakrete Fast Setting Cement Patcher-09/30/2009Landscape/Yardsolid
Sakrete Light Weight Fence Post ConcreteLandscape/Yardsolid1.0-10.0
Arm & Hammer Complete Care Enamel Strengthening Fluoride Anti-Cavity Toothpaste, Fresh Mint Personal carepaste3.0-8.0
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