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Home Products Manufacturers Ingredients Health Effects
Chemical Information
Chemical Name: 1-Methoxy-2-propanol
CAS Registry Number: 000107-98-2
Synonyms: 1-Methoxy-2-propanol; 1-Methoxy-2-hydroxypropane; Propylene glycol monomethyl ether; 1-Methoxypropanol; 2-Methoxy-1-methylethanol; 2-Propanol, 1-Methoxy-; Methoxyisopropanol; 1-Methoxypropan-2-ol; Methoxyisopropanol

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Health Studies: Human Health Effects from Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB)
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Products that contain this ingredient
Parks Adhesive Remover-09/04/1998-discontinuedArts & Craftsliquid<6
Odif 202 Spray and Fix, AerosolArts & Craftsaerosol10.0-25.0
Turtle Wax Clearvue Professional Glass CleanerAuto Productsliquid1.0-2.0
STP Son of a Gun! Citrus Cleaner-Discontinued ProductAuto Productsliquid1.0-5.0
Turtle Wax Oxy Power Out Carpet CleanerAuto Productsliquid1.0-3.0
PortionPac LaundryPac Commercial Strength Laundry Detergent 940, Professional UseCommercial / Institutionalliquid
PortionPac StripPac4 Concentrated Floor Finish Remover 314, Professional UseCommercial / Institutionalliquid
PortionPac FoamPac3 Concentrated Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo 603, Professional Use Commercial / Institutionalliquid
PortionPac ScrubPac4 Concentrated Heavy Duty All Purpose Detergent, Professional UseCommercial / Institutionalliquid
P&G Pro Line General Spot Remover, Ready-to-Use, Professional UseCommercial / Institutionalliquid1.0-5.0
CX Concrete Primer-Part A Resin-03/19/1999Home maintenanceliquid5
Sherwin-Williams Premium Wallpaper StripperHome maintenanceliquid2
Crown Liquid DeglosserHome maintenanceliquid0-10
Tile Guard One Step Grout Coating Pen, White, Grey and TanHome maintenanceliquid<0.5
Parks Driveway Cleaner-discontinuedHome maintenanceliquid3.0-10.0
CX Concrete Primer-Part A Resin-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid5
Red Devil Vinyl Spackling Compound-old productHome maintenancepaste<0.6
ChemRex Concrete Primer CX85 ResinHome maintenanceliquid5
Sherwin-Williams Wood Classics Interior Waterborne Polyurethane Varnish, GlossHome maintenanceliquid3
Roman E-Z Gel Ready-To-Use Wallpaper RemoverHome maintenancegel<0.2
Miracle Sealants Grout PenHome maintenanceliquid0.5
Parks Adhesive Remover-discontinuedHome maintenanceliquid2.0-20.0
Parks Pro Liquid Paint Stripper-discontinuedHome maintenanceliquid2.0-20.0
Red Devil House & Home Restore Patch A WallHome maintenancetube<0.6
Glass Plus Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner-11/13/2009Inside the Homepump spray
Glass Plus WipesInside the Homenon-woven wipes1.0-2.5
Method Pro Chef Granite CleanerInside the Homepump spray
Method Glass + Surface Cleaner Pump Spray, MintInside the Homepump spray
Method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner, AlmondInside the Homeliquid
Amway Legacy of Clean All-Purpose Surface WipesInside the Homewipes1.0-5.0
Amway Legacy of Clean Bathroom Cleaner, Citrus, Pump SprayInside the Homepump spray1.0-5.0
Amway Legacy of Clean Glass Cleaner, Pump SprayInside the Homepump spray1.0-5.0
Legacy of Clean Kitchen Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner, CitrusInside the Homeliquid5.0-10.0
Stain Extinguisher Fabric SpotterInside the Homepump spray
Kaboom Eliminator Instant Spot RemoverInside the Homeaerosol15
Dhurri Carpet ShampooInside the Homeliquid1.0-3.0
Watco Wipe-On Poly, GlossInside the Homeliquid0.1
EASY-OFF Cooktop Cleaner - liquid-03/25/2010 Inside the Homeliquid
Method Bathroom Cleaner, Natural Tub + Tile Cleaner, Eucalyptus MintInside the Homepump spray
Method Daily Granite, Granite + Stone Cleaner, Apple OrchardInside the Homepump spray
Method Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner, Lemon GingerInside the Homeliquid
Method Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner, Ginger YuzuInside the Homeliquid
Amway Legacy of Clean Bathroom Cleaner, ConcentratedInside the Homeliquid1.0-5.0
Amway Legacy of Clean Glass Cleaner, Concentrated Inside the Homeliquid5.0-10.0
Amway Legacy of Clean Kitchen All-Purpose Cleaner Pump SprayInside the Homepump spray1.0-5.0
Evercare Kitchen And Bath Wipes, Pre Moistened-discontinuedInside the Homewipes<4
Orange Glo Orange Eliminator Instant Spot RemoverInside the Homeaerosol8
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