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Manufacturer: Ardex Engineered Cements
Address: 400 Ardex Park Drive
City: Aliquippa
State: PA
Zip Code: 15001
Telephone Number: 724-203-5000
Fax Number: 724-203-5001
Toll Free Number: 800-512-7339
Date Info Verified: 2014-05-06
Products by this manufacturer
Ardex 8 Plus 9 Waterproofing Compound
Ardex FC-C Floor Cleaner (ARDEX FC Floor Care System)
Ardex FC-P Floor Polish (ARDEX FC Floor Care System)
Ardex FC-S Floor Polish Stripper (ARDEX FC Floor Care System)
Ardex K-15 Self-Leveling Underlayment Concrete
Ardex P-51 Primer
Ardex P-MC Hardener (Part A & B) (Ardex Moisture Control System)
Ardex S 1-K One-Component Waterproofing Compound
Ardex S 2-K High Performance Two-Component Waterproofing Compound
Ardex S-21 Smoothing Compound
Ardex S-MC Hardener (Part A & B) (Ardex Moisture Control System)
Ardex X 5 Thin Set Mortar
Ardex X 7 G Plus Flex Mortar
Ardex X 701 Super Flex Mortar
HENRY 1171 Wood Flooring Adhesive
Henry 130 Black Thin Spread Floor Adhesive
Henry 176 Bulldog Multipurpose Flooring Adhesive
Henry 237 Acoustical Ceiling Tile Adhesive
Henry 251 Sticker Carpet Adhesive
Henry 265 Embossing Leveler, Powder/Latex Mix
Henry 314 Multipurpose Ceramic Tile Adhesive
Henry 336 Floor Primer
Henry 356 MultiPro Premium Multipurpose Flooring Adhesive
Henry 377 Carpet Pad Adhesive
Henry 416 Wood Parquet Adhesive
Henry 430 ClearPro Clear Thin Spread Floor Tile Adhesive
Henry 440 Cove Base Adhesive
Henry 540 BasePro Cove Base Adhesive
Henry 546 Feather Edge Additive
Henry 547 Unipro Universal Underlayment
Henry 550 One Part Embossing Leveler
Henry 556 VinylPro Vinyl Back Flooring Adhesive
Henry 595 Cove Base Adhesive
Henry 630 PeachPro Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Henry 663 Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Adhesive
Henry 816 Wood Flooring Adhesive
Henry Wood Floor Adhesive 616
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