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Product Information
Product Name: Prestone Super Radiator Anti-Rust-Old Product
Form: liquid
Product Category: Auto Products » sealant » Cooling System
Customer Service: 800-890-2075
Date Entered: 2012-06-12
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Manufacturer: Prestone Products Corp.
Div., Honeywell International, Inc.
Address: 69 Eagle Road
City: Danbury
State: CT
Zip Code: 06810
Telephone Number: 847-482-2045
Fax Number: 203-830-7904
Toll Free Number: 800-269-0750
Date Info Verified: 2019-01-14
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The following information (Health Effects, Handling/Disposal, and Ingredients) is taken from the product label and/or the (Material) Safety Data Sheet, (M)SDS, prepared by the manufacturer. The National Library of Medicine does not test products nor does it evaluate information from the product label or the (M)SDS. (What is an (M)SDS?) (Complete (M)SDS for this product)
Health Effects
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Warnings: May cause mild eye irritation. Prolonged skin contact may cause irritation or dermatitis. Inhalation of high concentrations of vapors or mists may cause irritation of the nose and throat and headache, nausea or drowsiness.
Acute Health Effects: From MSDS:

Hazards Identification

Emergency Overview

May cause mild eye irritation. Prolonged skin contact may cause irritation or dermatitis. Inhalation of high concentrations of vapors or mists may cause irritation of the nose and throat and headache, nausea or drowsiness.

Potential Health Effects

Inhalation: Inhalation of high concentrations of vapors or mists may cause mucous membrane irritation of the nose and throat and nervous system effects such as headache, dizziness, nausea and drowsiness.

Skin contact: Prolonged contact, as with clothing wetted with material, may cause irritation and dryness.

Eye contact: May cause mild irritation with redness and excess tearing.

Ingestion: Ingestion of this product is not expected to result in any acute systemic toxic effects. If more than several mouthfuls are swallowed, abdominal discomfort, belching, nausea and diarrhea may occur. Aspiration into the lungs during ingestion or vomiting following ingestion may cause lung injury.

Medical conditions aggravated by exposure: May aggravate existing dermatitis.
Chronic Health Effects: From MSDS:

Prolonged or repeated overexposure to oil mists may result in oil granuloma formation in the lung and increased incidence of infection.
Carcinogenicity: None of the components of this product are listed as a carcinogen or suspected carcinogen by IARC, NTP, ACGIH, or OSHA.
First Aid: Inhalation: If symptoms of exposure develop, remove to fresh air. If breathing becomes difficult, administer oxygen. Administer artificial respiration if breathing as stopped. Seek immediate medical attention.

Skin contact: Remove contaminated clothing. Wash all affected and exposed areas with soap and water. If skin irritation or redness develops and persists, seek medical attention.

Eye contact: Exposed eyes should be immediately flushed with copious amounts of water using a steady stream for a minimum of 15 minutes. If irritation, pain, swelling or tearing persist, seek medical attention.

Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. Get medical assistance by calling an emergency room or poison control center.

Notes to Physician: There is no specific antidote. The petroleum oil and other ingredients in this product are unlikely to produce systemic symptoms following accidental ingestion. The most serious potential toxic effect is aspiration pneumonitis which may lead to non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema. Treatment should be directed at the control of symptoms and the clinical condition.
Health Rating: 0
Flammability Rating: 1
Reactivity Rating: 0
HMIS Rating Scale: 0 = Minimal; 1 = Slight; 2 = Moderate; 3 = Serious; 4 = Severe; 
N = No information provided by manufacturer; * = Chronic Health Hazard
MSDS Date: 2011-08-24
Handling: Avoid eye and prolonged skin contact. Avoid breathing vapors, mists or fumes. Wash exposed skin thoroughly with soap and water after use. Empty containers retain product residue and may be hazardous. Do not cut, weld, drill, etc. containers, even empty. Do not reuse empty containers unless properly cleaned.
Disposal: Dispose of product in accordance with all local, state/provincial and federal regulations.
Ingredients from (M)SDS/Label
ChemicalCAS No / Unique IDPercent
Trade secret or proprietary formula000000-02-11.0-5.0
Distillates, petroleum, straight-run middle064741-44-25.0-20.0
Distillates, petroleum, hydrotreated heavy paraffinic064742-54-75.0-20.0
Distillates, petroleum, solvent-dewaxed heavy paraffinic064742-65-05.0-20.0
Sodium petroleum sulfonate068608-26-40-5.0
Non-hazardous ingredient(s)999999-57-5
(Complete (M)SDS for this product)
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