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Product Information
Product Name: Quikrete Traffic Top Driveway Sealer No. 8803
Form: liquid
Product Category: Landscape/Yard » repair » Blacktop
Customer Service: 0
Date Entered: 2005-01-14
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Manufacturer: Quikrete Companies
Address: 3490 Piedmont Rd. #1300
City: Atlanta
State: GA
Zip Code: 30305
Telephone Number: 404-634-9100
Fax Number: 404-842-1425
Toll Free Number: 800-282-5828
Date Info Verified: 2017-02-28
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The following information (Health Effects, Handling/Disposal, and Ingredients) is taken from the product label and/or the (Material) Safety Data Sheet, (M)SDS, prepared by the manufacturer. The National Library of Medicine does not test products nor does it evaluate information from the product label or the (M)SDS. (What is an (M)SDS?)
Health Effects
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Acute Health Effects: From MSDS
Variability Among Individuals: Health studies have shown that individual sensitivities vary from person to person. As a precaution, exposure to vapors, liquids, mists, or fuses should be minimized. Some individuals are more susceptible then others to skin disorders. Fair-haired, light complexioned persons are more apt to be affected than dark-haired, dark skinned people.
Effects of Overexposure: (Signs and symptoms of exposure)
Harmful if inhaled or swallowed. Causes eye and skin irritation.
Nature of Hazard and Toxicity Information: Liquid can cause skin irritation and dermatitis, including acne. Coal tar is a photo toxic substance which, in the presence of ultraviolet light (sunlight), can cause a skin reaction similar to an exaggerated sunburn, frequently causing blisters. Ingestion can cause severe gastrointestinal irritation, nausea, and vomiting if swallowed; fatal in dose of about 0.1 g/kg of body weight. Long term exposure to coal tar over many years in the absence of recommended hygiene practices can cause changes in skin pigmentation, benign skin growths, or skin cancer. Additionally, inhalation of vapors over a period of several years may present a lung cancer hazard.
Pre-existing Medical Conditions Which May be Aggravated by Exposure: Persons with history of diseases in the liver, skin, eye, respiratory system, blood forming organs or with bleeding abnormalities or exposure to material harmful to these systems are at greater risk than normal risk of developing adverse health effects when working with this product.
Eye Contact: Coal Tar - Vapors and mist may cause irritation to the eyes. Eye contact with product will result in irritation, which in the absence of recommended first aid, can result in minor burns to eyes.
Skin: Coal Tar - Exposure causes skin irritation characterized by skin itching, burning, swelling, and redness. Photosensitization of the skin may occur. This irritation has a burning sensation somewhat like sunburn and is accentuated by sunlight. Repeated or prolonged contact may contribute to conditions such as dermatitis, tar warts, and rough skin.
Inhalation: Coal Tar - Acute effects caused from overexposure may include coughing, sneezing, and swollen or irritated nasal mucosa and sinuses. Repeated and/or prolonged contact to high concentrations may result in toxic effects, such as not breathing
Ingestion: Coal Tar - May cause gastrointestinal tract irritation followed by nausea and vomiting, abdominal discomfort, rapid pulse, etc. In extreme cases, cardiovascular collapse may occur.
Chronic Health Effects: From MSDS
Chronic overexposure (as defined by OSHA standards) may cause cancer.
Carcinogenicity: From MSDS
Chronic overexposure (as defined by OSHA standards) may cause cancer.
First Aid: From MSDS
Eye Contact: If eye contact occurs, flush with water or mineral oil for at least 15 minutes and SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION. Inorganic particulates; quartz, etc., may cause mechanical irritation.
Skin: Repeated or prolonged contact may contribute to conditions such as dermatitis, tar warts, and rough skin. If contact occurs, wash affected area with waterless hand cleaner. Remove contaminated clothing/shoes and do not reuse until thoroughly laundered. If irritation persists, SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION.
Inhalation: Repeated and/or prolonged contact to high concentrations may result in toxic effects, such as respiratory difficulties, convulsions, and possible cardiovascular collapse may occur. If inhaled, remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration or oxygen as needed. SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION.
Ingestion: If ingested, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Give water or clear liquids. Consult local Poison Control Center, IMMEDIATELY!
Health Rating: 3.
Flammability Rating: 1
Reactivity Rating: 0
HMIS Rating Scale: 0 = Minimal; 1 = Slight; 2 = Moderate; 3 = Serious; 4 = Severe; 
N = No information provided by manufacturer; * = Chronic Health Hazard
MSDS Date: 2003-07-01
Handling: From MSDS
Ventilation should be adequate. DO NOT STORE NEAR HEAT, SPARKS, FLAME OR STRONG OXIDANTS. Minimize breathing vapor or mist. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin. Remove contaminated clothing; launder or dry clean before reuse. Remove contaminated shoes and thoroughly clean and dry before reuse. Cleanse skin thoroughly after contact, before breaks and meals, and at end of work period. Product is readily removed from skin by waterless hand cleaners followed by washing thoroughly with soap and water.
Disposal: From MSDS
Disposal of product in accordance with local, county, state, and federal regulations.
Ingredients from (M)SDS/Label
ChemicalCAS No / Unique IDPercent
Trade secret or proprietary formula000000-02-1
Kaolin clay001332-58-7
Refined coal tar pitch065996-93-2
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