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Product Information
Product Name: Instant Power Liquid Drain Opener
Form: liquid
Product Category: Inside the Home » opener/cleaner » Drain
Customer Service: 800-304-2077
Date Entered: 1997-05-01
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Manufacturer: Scotch Corporation
Address: 1255 Viceroy Road
City: Dallas
State: TX
Zip Code: 75247
Telephone Number: 214-943-4605
Toll Free Number: 800-613-4242
Date Info Verified: 2017-02-28
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The following information (Health Effects, Handling/Disposal, and Ingredients) is taken from the product label and/or the (Material) Safety Data Sheet, (M)SDS, prepared by the manufacturer. The National Library of Medicine does not test products nor does it evaluate information from the product label or the (M)SDS. (What is an (M)SDS?)
Health Effects
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Warnings: DANGER-POISON. CONTAINS CONCENTRATED SULFURIC ACID. CAUSES SEVERE BURNS. May cause eruption of hot acid when poured in the drain. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Protect face (especially eyes) and other portions of the body when using. Never add water to acid while in container because of violent reaction. When container is empty, rinse with cold water only before discarding. First Aid: External: flush with water for 15 minutes. Call a physician immediately. Internal: Drink large quantities of water or milk. Follow with milk of magnesia, beaten eggs or vegetable oil. Call a physician immediately. Eye: flush with water for 15 minutes and get prompt medical attention. Notice. Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.
Acute Health Effects: From MSDS
Inhalation: Mists and vapors may cause irritation of the eyes, nose and respiratory tract. May cause increased pulmonary resistance, transient cough and bronchoconstriction. Severe overexposure may result in lung collapse and pulmonary edema which can be fatal.
Eye Contact: Immediate pain, severe burns and corneal damage which may result in blindness.
Skin Contact: Concentrated solution may cause pain and severe burns to the skin and brownish or yellowish stains. Prolonged and repeated exposure to dilute solutions may cause irritation, redness, pain and drying and cracking of the skin.
Ingestion: Severe burning and pain in the mouth, throat and abdomen. Vomiting, diarrhea and perforation of the esophagus and stomach lining may occur.
Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated by Exposure: Not listed.
Chronic Health Effects: From MSDS
MSDS provides no information about chronic health effects resulting from prolonged or frequent use of this product.
Carcinogenicity: The manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) does not state whether the ingredients are considered carcinogens or potential carcinogens.
Health Rating: 3.
Flammability Rating: 0
Reactivity Rating: 2
HMIS Rating Scale: 0 = Minimal; 1 = Slight; 2 = Moderate; 3 = Serious; 4 = Severe; 
N = No information provided by manufacturer; * = Chronic Health Hazard
MSDS Date: 2002-09-01
Handling: From MSDS
Wear appropriate personal protection equipment. Do not breathe sprays or mists. Do not ingest. Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing. Keep ignition sources away from sulfuric acid storage, handling and transportation equipment. Store above freezing point. Elevated temperatures will increase the corrosion rate of most metals. Store packaged acid in a dry, well ventilated location away from combustibles, oxidizers, bases or metallic powders.
Sulfuric acid will attack some forms of plastics and coatings. Always add acid to water--not water to acid. If kept in upper floors of building, floors should be acid proof with drains to a recovery tank.
Disposal: From MSDS
Dispose of waste material at an approved waste treatment/disposal facility, in accordance with applicable regulations.
Ingredients from (M)SDS/Label
ChemicalCAS No / Unique IDPercent
Sulfuric acid007664-93-9
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