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Chemical Information
Chemical Name: Trisodium citrate dihydrate
CAS Registry Number: 006132-04-3
Synonyms: Sodium Citrate [USAN:JAN]; Trisodium citrate; Trisodium citrate dihydrate; 1,2,3-Propanetricarboxylic acid, 2-hydroxy-, trisodium salt

Information from other National Library of Medicine databases
Health Studies: ***No information available in HSDB at this time***
Toxicity Information:
Chemical Information: Search ChemIDplus
Products that contain this ingredient
Bars Leaks Radiator 10 Minute FlushAuto Productsliquid<10
CRC QC-82 Pro-Strength Degreaser 05482, Aerosol-11/21/2013Auto Productsaerosol3.0-5.0
CRC HydroForce All Purpose Degreaser 14407, Pump Spray, Professional UseCommercial / Institutionalpump spray3.0-8.0
Claire Green Carpet Extraction Cleaner, Professional UseCommercial / Institutionalliquid
CRC HydroForce Zero VOC General Purpose Cleaner 14446, Pump Spray, Professional UseCommercial / Institutionalliquid3.0-8.0
Claire Green Heavy Duty Carpet Pre-Spray, Professional UseCommercial / Institutionalliquid
Meguiars Pro Fiber Rinse & Tannin Stain Remover, D10601, Professional Use-06/06/2013Commercial / Institutionalliquid1.0-5.0
Lysol Professional Disinfectant Deodorizing Cleaner Concentrate, Lemon Scent, Professional Use-04/01/2015Commercial / Institutionalliquid<2.5
Simple Green House & Siding Cleaner ConcentrateHome maintenanceliquid<1
Electrasol Automatic Dishwasher Detergent GelPacs-Orange Blossom-discontinuedInside the Homegel25-35
Spray N Wash Liquid Laundry Stain Remover-04/14/2005-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid8.0-12.0
CALGON Water Softener - Liquid -01/28/2010-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid20.0-40.0
Simple Green Carpet Cleaner Pump Spray-05/01/2011Inside the Homepump spray<1
Simple Green Lime Scale Remover Pump Spray-10/01/2012Inside the Homepump spray<5
Finish Quantum Electrasol Powerball-Old ProductInside the Homegel capsule10.0-20.0
Finish Quantum Powerball, Lemon Sparkle-Old ProductInside the Homegel capsule10.0-20.0
Amway Legacy of Clean Automatic Dish Detergent-12/23/2013Inside the Homepowder
Resolve Oxi-Action Dual Power Spray N Wash Laundry Stain Remover-10/03/2013Inside the Homeliquid1.0-5.0
Clorox ScrubSingles, Kitchen, Citrus Blend-03/03/2015Inside the Homesolid3.0-7.0
Calgon Water Softener-06/19/2001-Old ProductInside the Homepowder20-25
Seventh Generation, Sensitive Care Laundry LiquidInside the Homeliquid1.0-10.0
Calgon Water Softener (Powder)-09/18/2003-Old ProductInside the Homepowder20-25
CALGON Water Softener - Powder-01/21/2010-Old ProductInside the Homepowder20.0-40.0
Resolve Laundry Stain Remover, Pump Spray-Old ProductInside the Homepump spray1.0-2.5
Calgon Water Softener, Powder-10/19/2012-Old ProductInside the Homepowder20.0-40.0
Finish Quantum Powerball with Baking Soda-Old ProductInside the Homegel capsule10.0-20.0
Resolve Dual Power Laundry Stain Remover-(Canadian Market)Inside the Homeliquid1.0-5.0
Amway Legacy of Clean Automatic Dish Tablets-09/17/2015Inside the Hometablets
Scotts Greensweep Lawn Food 27-0-1Landscape/Yardliquid10.53
Scotts Greensweep Lawn Food (27-0-1+ 0.5% Iron)Landscape/Yardliquid~ 10.5 3
Bramblings Ghas Grass FertilizerLandscape/Yardliquid10.53
Simple Green Deck & Fence Cleaner ConcentrateLandscape/Yardliquid<1
Simple Green Heavy-Duty Cleaner and Degreaser Concentrate-03/01/2011Landscape/Yardliquid<1
Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent, Pump Spray-01/25/2013Landscape/Yardpump spray
Simple Green Concrete & Driveway Cleaner ConcentrateLandscape/Yardliquid<1
Pantene Pro V Purity Clarifying Shampoo-Old ProductPersonal careliquid
Physique Clarifying Shampoo-Old ProductPersonal carelotion
Zest Invigorating Body Wash-Old ProductPersonal careliquid
Pantene Pro V Essentials Natural Body Booster Spray-Old ProductPersonal carepump spray
Simple Green Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner GelPersonal caregel<1
got2b Beach Trippin Salt-Infusion Waving Spray, Pump Spray-06/29/2015Personal carepump spray0-5.0
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