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Home Products Manufacturers Ingredients Health Effects
Chemical Information
Chemical Name: Silicone emulsion/solution
CAS Registry Number: 000000-34-2
Synonyms: ***No information available at this time***

Information from other National Library of Medicine databases
Health Studies: ***No information available in HSDB at this time***
Toxicity Information:
Products that contain this ingredient
Armor All Armor Plate Paint Protectant-Discontinued ProductAuto Productspump spray0-5
Armor All Auto Protectant-Old ProductAuto Productspump spray0-50
Rain X Marine Vinyl ProtectantAuto Productsliquid<10
Black Magic Tire Wet Foam-Old ProductAuto Productsaerosol20.0-40.0
Armor All Leather Care-01/01/1998-Discontinued ProductAuto Productsliquid5.0-10.0
Armor All Protectant Wipes-06/01/2000-Discontinued ProductAuto Productssheets30-40
Armor All Tire Foam Protectant-07/01/1998-Old ProductAuto Productsaerosol20.0-30.0
Armor All Detailers Advantage Tire Foam 18 Oz.-Discontinued ProductAuto Productsliquid35-45
Armor All Leather Wipes-Old ProductAuto Productswipes2.0-10.0
Armor All Original Protectant-01/01/1998-Old ProductAuto Productsliquid30-40
Permatex No Touch Original Tire Care-Old ProductAuto Productsaerosol5.0-15.0
Eagle One Wet Tire ShineAuto Productspump spray1.5-5.0
Armor All Ultra Shine Protectant-06/01/2011-Old ProductAuto Productspump spray45.0-55.0
Armor All Tire Foam Protectant-Old ProductAuto Productsaerosol0-50
Champion Tire Shine-Old ProductAuto Productsaerosol
Armor All Leather Care-Discontinued ProductAuto Productsliquid<10
Westleys Vinyl Top Lustre-Old ProductAuto Productsliquid3.0-15.0
Armor All Low Shine Protectant-07/01/2004Auto Productsliquid10.0-20.0
Armor All Ultra Shine Protectant-06/01/2000-Old ProductAuto Productsliquid45-55
Armor All Leather Protectant Spray Bottle-Old ProductAuto Productsliquid2.0-10.0
Armor All Protectant Original 10 fl oz-Old ProductAuto Productspump spray30-40
Permatex No Touch High Shine Tire Care-Old ProductAuto Productsaerosol7.0-13.0
Armor All Leather Wipes-06/01/2011-Old ProductAuto Productsnon-woven wipes2.0-10.0
Prestone Power Steering Fluid for Asian Vehicles-Old ProductAuto Productsliquid
Thetford Marine Vinyl and Rubber Protectant, Pump SprayAuto Productsliquid
Tile Guard Enhance and Seal-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid>20
AFM Safecoat Penetrating WaterStopHome maintenanceliquid9.0-10.0
Magic Granite Cleaner & Polish, Aerosol-01/28/2015Home maintenanceaerosol5.0-10.0
Simple Green Stone Polish, Pump Spray-10/22/2014Home maintenancepump spray<5
Clorox Spring Mist Disinfecting Spray-Floral Fresh 18 Oz. (aerosol)-Old ProductInside the Homeaerosol
Formula 409 Kitchen Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner, Lemon Fresh-08/01/2007Inside the Homepump spray
Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover-05/01/2007-Old ProductInside the Homepump spray
Clorox Floral Fresh Disinfecting Spray-02/01/1999-Old ProductInside the Homeaerosol
Tilex Bathroom Cleaner-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid
Simple Green Stone Polish Pump Spray-Old ProductInside the Homepump spray<5
Air Wick Aqua Mist Pump Spray, Fresh New DayInside the Homepump spray
Air Wick Aqua Mist Pump Spray, Magnolia & CherryInside the Homepump spray
Tuff Stuff Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, Pump Spray-Old ProductInside the Homepump spray100
Cormorant Orange Chumdae Leather Cleaner & ConditionerInside the Homepump spray100
Whink Counter Top Cleaner-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid4.0-5.0
Carpet Fresh Quick-Dry Foam Fresh Scent and Morning Rain Scents, Aerosol-08/04/2014Inside the Homeaerosol
Tide Free and Gentle Laundry Detergent Powder-04/20/2015Inside the Homepowder
Gain Laundry Detergent Powder, Island Fresh-04/17/2015Inside the Homepowder
Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish, Aerosol-03/18/2016Inside the Homeaerosol5.0-10.0
Simple Green Stone Cleaner & Polish, Pump Spray-11/11/2015Inside the Homepump spray<5
Holloway House Quick Shine High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster-11/02/2016Inside the Homeliquid
Magic Sizing Fabric Finish, Extra Crisp Ironing Spray, Aerosol-05/29/2018Inside the Homeaerosol
Clorox Clean Up Cleaner with Bleach-04/01/2002-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid
Formula 409 Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner-08/01/2007-Old ProductInside the Homepump spray
Tilex Mildew Root Penetrator & Remover-05/01/2007-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid
Tilex Spray Soap Scum Remover-10/01/2002-Old ProductInside the Homepump spray
Green Works Natural Cleaning Wipes-Old ProductInside the Homewipes
Lemon Fresh Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaner-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid
Swiffer WetJet Cleaner, Antibacterial, Febreze Citrus & Light ScentInside the Homeliquid
Air Wick Aqua Mist Pump Spray, Cool Linen & White LilacInside the Homepump spray
Air Wick Aqua Mist Pump Spray, Fresh WatersInside the Homepump spray
Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner, with Bleach, Original-04/01/2002r-Old ProductInside the Homepump spray
Canberra Husky 1200 Furniture Polish, Aerosol, Professional UseInside the Homeaerosol
Whink Glass Ceramic Cook-Top Cleaner-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid2.0-5.0
Tide HE Turbo Clean Laundry Detergent Powder, Original-04/17/2015Inside the Homepowder
Gain Ultra Laundry Detergent Powder, Original-04/17/2015Inside the Homepowder
Holloway House Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish-12/03/2015Inside the Homeliquid
Magic Sizing Light Body Ironing Spray, Aerosol-05/29/2018Inside the Homeaerosol
Spa Kem Foam Inhibitor-Old ProductLandscape/Yardliquid
Kem Tek Ultra Clarifier-Old ProductLandscape/Yardliquid42.5
Kem Tek Water Clarifier-Old ProductLandscape/Yardliquid42.5
Spa Kem Water Clarifier-Old ProductLandscape/Yardliquid42.5
Carpet Fresh Quick Dry Foam Super Pet, Aerosol-08/13/2014Pet Careaerosol
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