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Chemical Information
Chemical Name: Trimethylbenzenes (mixed isomers)
CAS Registry Number: 025551-13-7
Synonyms: Trimethylbenzene (mixed isomers); Benzene, trimethyl-; Trimethylbenzenes

Information from other National Library of Medicine databases
Health Studies: Human Health Effects from Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB)
Toxicity Information:
Chemical Information: Search ChemIDplus
Products that contain this ingredient
Klean-Strip 1-K Kerosene Heater Fuel-06/01/2015Arts & Craftsliquid<5
STP Fuel Injector/Carburetor Cleaner-08/07/1998-Old ProductAuto Productsliquid0-10.0
STP Oxygenated Gas Treatment-Discontinued ProductAuto Productsliquid1.0-10.0
Gunk Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel with Conditioner-02/05/2009Auto Productsliquid0.1-1
STP Gas Treatment-09/30/1998-Old ProductAuto Productsliquid1.0-10.0
STP Super Concentrated Intake Valve Cleaner-Discontinued ProductAuto Productsliquid4.0-5.0
STP Fuel Injector and Carburetor Treatment 12 Fl. Oz.-Old ProductAuto Productsliquid0-10.0
Valvoline Motorcycle 2-Stroke Motor OilAuto Productsliquid1.0-6.0
ExxonMobil Unleaded Automotive GasolineAuto Productsliquid1.0-5.0
Tamko Non-Fibered Roof and Foundation CoatingCommercial / Institutionalliquid
Tamko Fibered Roof and Foundation CoatingCommercial / Institutionalliquid
Tamko Non-Fibered Roof CoatingCommercial / Institutionalliquid
Behr Super Spar Satin Varnish-discontinuedHome Maintenanceliquid0.77
Behr 604 Polyurethane Semi Gloss-Old ProductHome Maintenanceliquid0.3
Behr Oil Based Primer and Sealer, No. 434 Exterior-Old ProductHome Maintenanceliquid0.23
Henry Company HE-108 Lap Cement-Old ProductHome Maintenancefluid8
Tam-Pro Q-15 Elastomeric Flashing CementHome Maintenancepaste
Tam-Pro Q-20 Premium SBS Flashing Cement TubeHome Maintenancetube
Behr 45 Super Spar Gloss Varnish-discontinuedHome Maintenancepump spray0.74
Behr 601 Clear Lac Semi Gloss-Old ProductHome Maintenanceliquid0.79
Thompsons House and Deck Stain-old productHome Maintenanceliquid2-2.5
Tam-Pro Q-10 Flashing CementHome Maintenancepaste
Tam-Pro Q-20 Premium SBS Flashing CementHome Maintenancepaste
Jasco Paint Thinner-04/21/2015Home Maintenanceliquid<1.5
Klean-Strip Paint Thinner-11/16/2015Home Maintenanceliquid<5
One Step Fine Wood Floor Care Wax-08/18/2005-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid1.0-3.0
Watco Wipe-On Poly, Satin-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid0.19
One Step Fine Wood Floor Care Wax-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid1.0-3.0
S.C. Johnson 1-Step No Buff, Fine Wood Floor Care-10/21/2008-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid1.0-5.0
Monsanto Far-Go Herbicide (agricultural)Pesticidesliquid<18
Bonide Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate-01/14/2002-Old ProductPesticidesliquid
Hi-Yield Indoor-Outdoor Broad Use Insecticide-05/14/2012Pesticidesliquid<75
Bonide Fung-onil Lawn Disease Control-Old ProductPesticidesliquid
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