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Home Products Manufacturers Ingredients Health Effects
Chemical Information
Chemical Name: Portland cement
CAS Registry Number: 065997-15-1
Synonyms: Portland cement; Silicate, portland cement

Information from other National Library of Medicine databases
Health Studies: ***No information available in HSDB at this time***
Toxicity Information:
Chemical Information: Search ChemIDplus
Products that contain this ingredient
Henry 265 Embossing Leveler, Powder/Latex Mix-Old ProductAuto Productsliquid> 99
Henry 555 LevelPro Self-Leveling Underlayment-03/01/2003-Old ProductAuto Productspowder40
Henry 625 RestorePro Concrete Resurfacer-12/13/2012-Old ProductAuto Productspowder1.0-5.0
Henry 547 Unipro Universal Underlayment-Old ProductAuto Productspowder10.0 - 30.0
Henry 615 PatchPro Exterior Concrete Patch-10/01/2012-Old ProductAuto Productspowder30.0-60.0
Henry 547 UniPro Universal Underlayment, Professional Use-09/21/2016Commercial / Institutionalpowder10.0-30.0
Henry 565 FloorPro Self-Leveling Underlayment, Professional Use-09/21/2016Commercial / Institutionalpowder10.0-30.0
Henry 625 RestorePro Concrete Resurfacer, Professional Use-09/21/2016Commercial / Institutionalpowder1.0-5.0
Henry 555 LevelPro Self-Leveling Underlayment, Professional Use-09/21/2016Commercial / Institutionalpowder10.0-30.0
Henry 615 PatchPro Exterior Concrete Patch, Professional Use-09/21/2016Commercial / Institutionalpowder10.0-30.0
Henry 625F RestorePro Concrete Resurfacer Fine Finish, Professional Use-09/21/2016Commercial / Institutionalpowder1.0-5.0
VersaSet Fortified Thinset Mortar, Gray and White, 6095PA-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder30-40
MegaLite Rapid Set Crack Prevention Mortar, 6105-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder25-35
Rapid Setting Mortar, Grey and White, 6003-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder10.0-20.0
Complete Contact Mortar, Rapid Setting, Grey and White, 6224-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder15.0-25.0
Medium Bed Mortar, Grey, 6057-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder35-45
Glass Tile Mortar, GTM4-4-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder55-65
Polyblend Sanded Grout, All Colors, 848-04/06/2009-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder25-35
Polyblend Grout (Sanded)-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder
Polyblend White Dry Grout, 7136-05/19/2009-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder45-55
Red Devil Tile Grout, Powder, White-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder<80
Custom Plug Hydraulic Patching and Anchoring Cement-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder40
UGL Drylok Powdered Masonry WaterprooferHome Maintenancepowder50
Custom LevelQuik Skim Coat & Patching Compound-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder
DAP All-Purpose Stucco Patch (Dry Mix)Home Maintenancepowder35-45
Custom LevelQuik Rapid Setting Self Leveling Underlayment-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder40-44
Sika Mix and GoHome Maintenancepowder
Custom MasterBlend Thin Set Mortar-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder40
Laticrete 220 Marble & Granite MortarHome Maintenancepowder30-40
Custom Flex Bond Flexible Thinset Mortar-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder45
Laticrete 1500 Sanded GroutHome Maintenancepowder20.0-30.0
Custom VersaBond ThinSet Bonding Mortar-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder45
Laticrete 8500 Glass Block MortarHome Maintenancepowder20-30
Custom Polyblend Non Sanded Tile Grout-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder60
Laticrete Floor Leveling MortarHome Maintenancepowder18-20
Custom Saltillo Grout Mix-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder45
Laticrete Mega Bond Thinset MortarHome Maintenancepowder20-30
Thoro Super Quickseal-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder65
Laticrete Multipurpose Pro Thinset MortarHome Maintenancepowder30-40
Thorogrip Anchoring CementHome Maintenancepowder20
Laticrete PermaColor GroutHome Maintenancepowder16.0-20.0
U.S. Mix Fence Post MixHome Maintenancepellets
Mapei Keracolor UHome Maintenancepowder30-60
U.S. Mix Multi Purpose Non Shrink GroutHome Maintenancepowder
U.S. Mix Self Leveling UnderlaymentHome Maintenancepowder
U.S. Mix Glass Block Mortar-12/01/2003Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Portland Lime No. 1124-06Home Maintenancepowder
Sakrete Stucco Base Coat (Scratch and Brown Coat)Home Maintenancesolid
Quikrete Plastic Cement No. 2121Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Concrete Mix No. 1101-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder10.0-30.0
Quikrete Concrete Mix No. 1101Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Base Coat Stucco with Water-Stop No. 1139-89-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder5
Quikrete 5000 No. 1007Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Countertop Mix No. 1106-80-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Sand Mix No. 1003Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete FastSet Repair Mortar No. 1241-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Fast-Setting Self-Leveling Floor Resurfacer No. 1249-51-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Commercial Grade FastSet Cement No. 1124-92Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Floor Mud No. 1548-81-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Hydraulic Water-Stop Cement No. 1126-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Mortar Mix No. 1102-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Non-Shrink General Purpose Grout No. 1585-01-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Quick-Setting Cement No. 1240-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Thin Set Sanded No. 1547 -05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Rapid Hardening Sand Mix No. 1243-50Home Maintenancepowder
Polyblend Non-Sanded Grout, All Colors-03/11/2016Home Maintenancepowder40.0-70.0
Quikrete Quick Setting Cement No. 1240Home Maintenancepowder
Polyblend White Dry Grout-01/02/2015Home Maintenancepowder40.0-70.0
Saltillo Grout Mix-01/02/2015Home Maintenancepowder15.0-40.0
Quikrete Fast-Setting Self Leveling Floor Resurfacer No. 1249-51Home Maintenancepowder
Zinsser Swimming Pool Paint for Concrete and Plastered Pools, Blue-10/30/2015Home Maintenanceliquid25.0-50.0
Zinsser WaterTite Hydraulic Cement for Concrete & Masonry-01/12/2016Home Maintenancegranules25.0-50.0
Quikrete Geothermal Well Grout No. 1590-55Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Marble Chips No. 9906Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Finish Coat Stucco No. 1201Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Quikwall Surface Bonding Cement No. 1230Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Roof Tile Mortar No. 1140Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Thin-Set Floor Mix No. 1548Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Fiberglass Reinforced Stucco, Concentrated No. 1216-93Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Mason Mix No. 1136Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Foam Coating No. 1219Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Thin-Set Wall Mix No. 1554Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Thin-Set Sanded No. 1547Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Unsanded Tile (Dry) Grout No. 1552Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Aquablend No. 1225-60Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Polymer Modified Unsanded Tile Grout No. 1492Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Thin-Set Unsanded No. 1553Home Maintenancepowder
Sakrete Sand Mix, Ready-to-Use Pre-mixed Topping Mix- Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder
Sakrete Masons Mix, Commercial Grade Pre-Blended Mortar for Brick and Block- Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder
Pakmix Vinyl ConcreteHome Maintenancepowder30-60
Pakmix Self-Leveling UnderlaymentHome Maintenancepowder30-60
Pakmix Cement Color, RedHome Maintenancepowder30-60
Pakmix Quick Set CementHome Maintenancepowder30-60
Pakmix Concrete MixHome Maintenancesemi-solid30-60
Sakrete Contractors 5000, Commercial Grade Premixed Concrete- Old ProductHome Maintenancesemi-solid90-96
Ardex S-21 Smoothing CompoundHome Maintenancepowder40
Ardex K-15 Self-Leveling Underlayment ConcreteHome Maintenancepowder40
Sherwin-Williams Opti Bond Multi Surface Coating, WhiteHome Maintenanceliquid18
Sherwin-Williams Armorseal ExpressPatch Fast Dry Urethane Patch Kit (Part C), Dk GreyHome Maintenancesolid16
LevelLite Self-Leveling Underlayment, 6101-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder20.0-30.0
Skim Coat and Patch Underlayment-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder5.0-15.0
Custom Blend Standard Thinset Mortar, Grey 6044-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder15-25
ProLite, Tile and Stone Mortar, Gray and White-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder50-60
Flexbond Fortified Thinset Mortar, Gray and White, 6019-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder40-50
VersaBond Flex Fortified Thinset Mortar, Gray and White, 6034-10/12/2006-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder30-40
Universal Fortified Thinset Mortar, 6088-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder25-35
ProLite Rapid Set Tile & Stone Mortar-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder10.0-30.0
SpeedSet, Fortified Thinset Mortar, Grey and White, 6029-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder30-40
Marble and Granite Fortified Premium Mortar, 6026-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder30-40
Glass Block Mortar, White, 6023-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder20-30
Prism SureColor Grout, 7900-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder1.0-5.0
Thoro Water Plug CementHome Maintenancepowder35
Polyblend Non-Sanded Grout, All Colors, 7100-01/30/2007-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder40-50
Polyblend Grout (Non Sanded)-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder
White Dry Non-Sanded Grout, 8012-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder70-80
Custom Stucco Patch-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder35
UGL Drylok Fast PlugHome Maintenancepowder40
Custom PourStone Anchoring Cement-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder
UGL Oil Base Drylok Masonry WaterprooferHome Maintenanceliquid25
Custom LevelQuik Patching & Leveling Compound-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder
RustOleum EpoxyShield Blacktop Patch & Crack Filler-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder25
Custom Premium Plus Thin Set Mortar-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder40
Laticrete 84 LatiLevelHome Maintenancepowder18.0-20.0
Custom Blend Thin Set Mortar-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder40
Laticrete 816 LatiPatchHome Maintenancepowder10.0-30.0
Custom FlexPro Thin Set Bonding Mortar-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder45
Laticrete 1600 Unsanded GroutHome Maintenancepowder25-35
Custom Polyblend Sanded Tile Grout-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder35
Laticrete Floor AdhesiveHome Maintenancepowder25-35
Custom Polyblend White Dry Tile Grout-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder60
Laticrete Glass Tile AdhesiveHome Maintenancepowder25-35
Custom Concrete Repair Mortar & Additive-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder25
Laticrete Multipurpose Thinset MortarHome Maintenancepowder25-35
Thoroseal Foundation CoatingHome Maintenancepowder45
Laticrete Multipurpose R Thinset MortarHome Maintenancepowder15-20
Thoro StuccoHome Maintenancepowder15
Mapei Keracolor SHome Maintenancepowder15-40
U.S. Mix Glass Block Mortar-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder
H & C Quick Patch and RepairHome Maintenancepowder10.0-40.0
U.S. Mix Multi Purpose Thinset MortarHome Maintenancepowder
U.S. Mix Vinyl ConcreteHome Maintenancepowder
Thoro Super Quickseal-05/07/2001Home Maintenancepowder65
Sakrete Light Weight Concrete MixHome Maintenancesolid
Sakrete MaximizerHome Maintenancesolid15.0-40.0
Sakrete Stucco Finish CoatHome Maintenancesolid
Quikrete Exterior Use Anchoring Cement No. 1245-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Grout-Type A No. 1585-04Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete 5000 Concrete Mix No. 1007-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder10.0-30.0
Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer No. 1131-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete FastSet Concrete Mix No. 1004-80-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Basic Concrete Mix No. 1015-60Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete High Yield Concrete No. 1100Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Finish Coat Stucco No. 1201-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Commercial Grade FastSet Non Shrink Grout No. 1585-09Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Glass Block Mortar No. 1610-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Masonry Cement Type-N, No. 1125-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Natural Stone Veneer Mortar No. 1137-88-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Light Weight Concrete No. 1008Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Portland Cement No. 1124-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Vinyl Concrete Patcher No. 1008Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Scratch and Brown Base Coat Stucco No. 1139-05/08/2012Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Handi-Crete Sand Mix No. 1143Home Maintenancepowder
USG Durock Cement Board Next GenHome Maintenancesolid<50.0
Quikrete Shotcrete No. 1228Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Anchoring Cement No. 1245Home Maintenancepowder
Henry 176 Pond Patch-09/06/2011Home Maintenancepowder30.0-60.0
Quikrete Hydraulic Water Stop No. 1126Home Maintenancepowder
Polyblend Sanded Grout, All Colors-03/11/2016Home Maintenancepowder15.0-40.0
Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer, Skid Resistant No. 1131-61Home Maintenancepowder
Prism Color Consistent Grout, All Colors-02/10/2016Home Maintenancepowder1.0-5.0
Quikrete Self Leveling Floor Resurfacer No. 1249-50Home Maintenancepowder
White Dry Non-Sanded Grout-09/08/2014Home Maintenancepowder60.0-100.0
Zinsser Swimming Pool Paint for Concrete and Plastered Pools, White-10/30/2015Home Maintenanceliquid25.0-50.0
Quikrete Quikwall Foundation Coating No. 1215Home Maintenancepowder
Henry 331 Super Patch Latex Floor Patching Compound, Professional Use-09/21/2016Home Maintenancepowder1.0-5.0
Quikrete Exterior Use Anchoring Cement No. 1245-80Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Agricultural Limestone No. 1111Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Base Coat Stucco No. 1139Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Masonry Coating No. 2400Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Polymer Modified Sanded Tile Grout No. 1489Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Omni Grout Sanded No. 1490Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Bulk Masonry Mortars No. 1162Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete One Coat Fiberglass Reinforced Stucco & Concentrated No. 1200, 1216Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Exterior Stucco No. 1209Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Marble Stucco No. 1802Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Glass Block Mortar No. 1610Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Thin-Set Multipurpose No. 1550Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Inca 1000 Mine Sealant No. 1225-50Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete BBond A No. 1222Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete BlocBond No. 1225-51Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Quikwall Surface Bonding Cement, Unsanded No. 1220Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete BBond MS No. 1234Home Maintenancepowder
Quikrete Aqualight No. 1225-62Home Maintenancepowder
Pakmix Non-Shrink GroutHome Maintenancepowder30-60
Pakmix Glass Block Mortar MixHome Maintenancepowder
Pakmix Post MixHome Maintenancepowder30-60
Pakmix Anchor CementHome Maintenancepowder30-60
Pakmix Stop Leak (Hydraulic) CementHome Maintenancepowder30-60
Ardex X 701 Super Flex MortarHome Maintenancepowder40
Ardex X 7 G Plus Flex MortarHome Maintenancepowder40
Ardex X 5 Thin Set MortarHome Maintenancepowder40
Sherwin-Williams Armorseal ExpressPatch Fast Dry Urethane Patch Kit (Part C), BlackHome Maintenancesolid16
Sherwin-Williams Armorseal ExpressPatch Fast Dry Urethane Patch Kit (Part C), RedHome Maintenancesolid16
Custom Float Bedding Mortar, 8006-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder35-45
SpeedFinish Patching & Finishing Compound, 8081-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder5.0-15.0
MegaLite Crack Prevention Mortar, 6102-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder55-65
MegaFlex Crack Prevention Mortar, 6076-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder35-45
Complete Contact Fortified Mortar, 6113-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder
Porcelain Tile Fortified Thinset Mortar, Gray and White, 6038-Old ProductHome Maintenancepowder30-40
UGL Drylok White Cement PaintLandscape/Yardliquid70
Sakrete Concrete Mix-01/01/2010Landscape/Yardpowder30.0-60.0
Sakrete Sand Mix-07/28/2008Landscape/Yardpowder10.0-30.0
Red Devil Concrete/ Mortar Repair-10/01/2001-old productLandscape/Yardpaste60
Sakrete Fence Post ConcreteLandscape/Yardsolid10.0-30.0
Sakrete Light Weight Fence Post ConcreteLandscape/Yardsolid
Sakrete Type S Masonry CementLandscape/Yardpowder60.0-100.0
Quikrete Portland/Pozzolan Cement No. 1118-35Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Light Weight Sand Mix No. 1103-51Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Commercial Grade FastSet Repair Mortar No. 1585-09Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Coarse & Fine Core Fill Masonry Grouts No. SR-9003, SR-9006Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Crack Resistant Concrete No. 1006-80Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Rip Rap No. 1129Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Handi-Crete Concrete No. 1141Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete B-Crete No. 1101-81Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Non-Shrink Precision Grout No. 1585Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Fibercrete No. 1131-61Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Non-Shrink General Purpose Grout No. 1585-01Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Rapid Road Repair, Fibered No. 1242-50Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer No. 1131-60Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Patio Paver Limestone Base No. 1150-49Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Mortar Mix No. 1102Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Pebble Finish No. 1806Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Heavy Duty Masonry Coating No. 1300Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Pool Finish No. 1800Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Omni Grout Unsanded No. 1491Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Mudjacking Grout No. 1585-11Landscape/Yardpowder
Sakrete Contractors 5000 Concrete Mix-06/24/2009Landscape/Yardpowder15.0-40.0
Sakrete Type S Masons Mix-11/11/2009Landscape/Yardpowder60.0-100.0
Quikrete Portland Cement No. 1124Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Cement No. 1125-21Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Masonry Cement No. 1125-70Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Reinforced Concrete No. 1006Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Fast Setting Concrete No. 1004Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete Mix No. 1004-05/08/2012Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Commercial Grade FastSet Concrete No. 1004-51Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Fence Post Mix No. 1005Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Shotcrete MS No. 1229Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Rapid Road Repair, Unfibered No. 1242-52Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Pelletized Lime No. 1125-40Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Athletic Field Marker No. 1954Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Pool Plaster No. 1319Landscape/Yardpowder
Quikrete Sanded Tile Grout No. 1156Landscape/Yardpowder
Sakrete Fast-Set Concrete Mix, Ready-to-Use Pre Mixed Concrete- Old ProductLandscape/Yardpowder
Sakrete Mortar Mix, Pre-Blended Mortar- Old ProductLandscape/Yardpowder
Sakrete Concrete Mix, Ready-To-Use Premixed Concrete- Old ProductLandscape/Yardsemi-solid90-96
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