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Home Products Manufacturers Ingredients Health Effects
Chemical Information
Chemical Name: Tetrahydrofuran
CAS Registry Number: 000109-99-9
Synonyms: 1,4-Epoxybutane; Agrisynth THF; Butane, 1,4-epoxy-; Butane, alpha,delta-oxide; Butylene oxide; Cyclotetramethylene oxide; Diethylene oxide; Furan, tetrahydro-; Furanidine; Hydrofuran; Oxacyclopentane; Oxolane; Tetrahydrofuraan; Tetrahydrofuranne; Tetraidrofurano; Tetramethylene oxide

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Health Studies: Human Health Effects from Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB)
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Chemical Information: Search ChemIDplus
Biomedical References: Search PubMed
Products that contain this ingredient
Hercules PVC Gray Cement-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid
Oatey Flowguard Gold 1 Step Cement-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid30.0-40.0
Oatey Medium PVC Cement-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid40-50
Oatey Heavy Duty Clear Lo VOC Cement for PVC-Old ProductHome maintenancepaste30.0-50.0
Oatey All Purpose Lo VOC Cement-Old ProductHome maintenancepaste30.0-45.0
Oatey CPVC Orange Solvent Cement-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid30.0-40.0
Oatey Lo VOC Purple Primer NSF-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid10.0-15.0
Hercules PVC Regular Body Cement-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid
Oatey All Purpose Cement-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid50-60
Oatey CPVC Cement-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid50-60
Oatey Heavy Duty Clear Solvent Cement-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid50-60
Hercules PVC Clear Primer-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid
Oatey Heavy Duty Clear Solvent Cement-02/29/2000-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid40-50
Oatey Flowguard Gold 1 Step Cement-12/30/2002-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid30.0-40.0
Oatey Medium Gray Lo VOC PVC Cement-07/22/2002-Old ProductHome maintenancepaste40-50
Oatey Lo VOC Purple Primer NSF-07/22/2002-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid10.0-15.0
Oatey C PVC Cement-07/22/2002-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid30.0-40.0
Oatey Heavy Duty Clear Lo VOC Cement for PVC-10/01/2009-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid40-60
Oatey PVC Rain-R-Shine Blue Cement-10/01/2009-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid30-60
Oatey Purple Primer for PVC and CPVC-11/01/2009-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid0-10.0
Oatey All Purpose Lo VOC Cement-10/01/2009-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid30-45
Oatey Purple Lo VOC Primer for PVC and CPVC-12/11/2008-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid15.0-35.0
Oatey Lo VOC Medium PVC Gray Cement-11/12/2008-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid38-50
Hercules Below-Zero PVC Cement, Orange Label-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid40-50
Hercules Primer for PVC and CPVC, Purple Label-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid15-20
Hercules PVC Cement, Pink Label-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid40-50
Hercules PVC Cement, Yellow Label-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid40-70
Hercules UnPurple Primer-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid15.0-20.0
Oatey PVC Flexible Clear Cement-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid30-50
Oatey, Clear Primer for CPVC, PVC, 30750-12/17/2014Home maintenanceliquid10.0-30.0
Oatey, Heavy Duty Clear PVC Cement, 30863-12/15/2014Home maintenanceliquid30.0-60.0
Oatey, Medium Orange CPVC Cement, 31128-05/27/2015Home maintenanceliquid30.0-60.0
Oatey, Rain-R-Shine, Medium Blue PVC Cement, 30890-05/27/2015Home maintenanceliquid40.0-70.0
Oatey, Regular Clear PVC Cement, 31014-11/22/2017Home maintenanceliquid10.0-25.0
Hercules, Clear PVC Primer, 60453-12/11/2017Home maintenanceliquid10.0-30.0
Hercules Purple PVC Primer, 60473-08/10/2012Home maintenanceliquid15.0-20.0
Hercules, Clear, Regular Body Medium Set, PVC Cement, Low VOC, 60043-12/08/2017Home maintenanceliquid25.0-40.0
Oatey Regular Clear PVC Solvent Cement-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid25-40
Oatey Purple Primer for PVC, CPVC-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid10.0-15.0
Oatey Medium Orange Lo VOC CPVC Cement-Old ProductHome maintenancepaste30.0-40.0
Oatey Medium Gray Lo VOC PVC Cement-Old ProductHome maintenancepaste35-45
Oateyweld CPE Solvent-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid40-50
Oatey Rain R Shine PVC Cement-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid40-50
Hercules Purple PVC Primer-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid
Hercules PVC Primer-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid
Oatey All Weather Med. PVC Cement-Old ProductHome maintenancepaste50-60
Oatey PVC Cement-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid50-60
Hercules Purple PVC Primer-01/23/2002-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid
Oatey All Purpose Cement-02/29/2000-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid30.0-45.0
Oatey All Weather Med. PVC Cement-07/22/2002-Old ProductHome maintenancepaste40-55
Oatey Heavy Duty Clear Lo VOC Cement for PVC-07/22/2002-Old ProductHome maintenancepaste40-55
Oatey All Purpose Lo VOC Cement-07/22/2002-Old ProductHome maintenancepaste30-45
Oatey All Purpose Cement-07/22/2002-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid30-45
Oatey All Purpose Cement-10/01/2009-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid30-45
Oatey Medium PVC Clear Cement-10/01/2009-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid30-50
Oatey All Weather Lo VOC Clear PVC Cement-11/11/2008-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid40-55
Oatey Heavy Duty CPVC Orange Cement-11/01/2009-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid55-75
Oatey Medium PVC Lo VOC Orange Cement-11/11/2008-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid30-40
Oatey Lo VOC Clear Primer for PVC and CPVC, NSF Listed-12/11/2008-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid15-35
Oatey Heavy Duty Lo VOC Clear Cement-11/01/2008-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid40-60
Hercules CPVC Cement, Orange Label-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid30-40
Hercules PVC Cement, Gray Label-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid40-50
Hercules PVC Cement - Tan Label-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid40-55
Hercules PVC Primer, Red Label-09/08/2009-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid15.0-20.0
Hercules Wet Set PVC Cement, Aqua Blue Label-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid40-55
Oatey, All Purpose Cement For PVC, CPVC and ABS, 30818-05/27/2015Home maintenanceliquid30.0-45.0
Oatey, FlowGuard Gold, Medium Yellow All Weather One-Step CPVC Cement, 31910-05/27/2015Home maintenanceliquid30.0-60.0
Oatey, Medium Gray PVC Cement-05/27/2015Home maintenanceliquid30.0-50.0
Oatey, Purple Primer for CPVC, PVC, 30755-05/27/2015Home maintenanceliquid15.0-30.0
Oatey, Regular Clear Advanced PVC Cement-12/01/2017Home maintenanceliquid10.0-25.0
Oatey, ABS To PVC Green Transition Cement, 30900-05/27/2015Home maintenanceliquid30.0-50.0
Hercules, Clear PVC Primer, Lo-V.O.C., 60453-12/11/2017Home maintenanceliquid10.0-30.0
Hercules, Clear PVC, Regular Body Fast Set, Below Zero, 60142-12/11/2017Home maintenanceliquid40.0-60.0
Hercules, Medium Body Medium Set, Clear, PVC Cement,60003-12/07/2017Home maintenanceliquid40.0-60.0
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