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Chemical Information
Chemical Name: Magnesium aluminum silicate
CAS Registry Number: 012511-31-8
Synonyms: Aluminum magnesium silicate; Angast; Magnesium aluminate metasilicate; Magnesium aluminosilicate (MgAl2Si2O8); Neusilin; Veegum; Aluminium magnesium silicate(2:1:2); Aluminosilicic acid (HAlSiO4), magnesium salt; Silicic acid (H4SiO4), aluminum magnesium salt (2:2:1)

Information from other National Library of Medicine databases
Health Studies: ***No information available in HSDB at this time***
Toxicity Information:
Chemical Information: Search ChemIDplus
Products that contain this ingredient
Zep Heavy-Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner, Aerosol, Professional Use-02/14/2016Commercial / Institutionalaerosol
Brasso Metal Polish-11/01/2011-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid
Peethal Brass CleanerInside the Homeliquid
Method Le Scrub Bathroom Cleaner, Eucalyptus Mint-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid
Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner,Pump Spray-(Canadian Market)Inside the Homepump spray
Easy-Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner, Pump Spray-05/25/2015Inside the Homepump spray
Cover Girl Clean Liquid Makeup, Normal Skin, Light ShadesPersonal careliquid0.1-1.0
Dove Pro Age Cream Oil Beauty Body Lotion-Old ProductPersonal carecream
Vaseline Total Moisture Clean Feeling Body LotionPersonal careliquid
Clearasil Ultra Acne + Marks Spot Lotion-08/13/2010Personal careliquid
Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Vanishing Treatment Cream-03/25/2015Personal carecream
OFF! Botanicals Insect Repellent-02/24/2015Personal careliquid
Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion-01/14/2016Personal careliquid
Ponds Luminous Clean Daily Exfoliating CleanserPersonal carecream
Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Rich Feeling Body LotionPersonal careliquid
Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Lotion for Face, Chest, & Back-03/25/2015Personal careliquid
Amore Pedi Perfect Daily Moisturizer-04/01/2015Personal careliquid
Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Lotion-01/14/2016Personal careliquid
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