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Chemical Information
Chemical Name: Acetic acid, 2-chloro-, sodium salt (1:1), reaction products with 4,5-dihydro-2-undecyl-1H-imidazole-1-ethanol and sodium hydrox
CAS Registry Number: 068608-66-2
Synonyms: 1-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-2-undecylimidazoline, sodium chloroacetate, sodium hydroxide reaction product; Reaction products of sodium chloroacetate with 2-undecylimidazoline-1-ethanol and sodium hydroxide; Sodium chloroacetate, reaction products with 4,5-dihydro-2-undecyl-1-ethanol and sodium hydroxide

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Health Studies: ***No information available in HSDB at this time***
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Products that contain this ingredient
Gillette Body Hydrator Body Wash-02/18/2015Personal careliquid1.0-5.0
Olay 2-In-1 Essential Oils Ribbons Jojoba Extract + Luscious Orchid Body Wash-02/17/2015Personal careliquid1.0-5.0
Olay Daily Moisture Quench Body Wash-02/17/2015Personal careliquid1.0-5.0
Olay Fresh Effects Bead Me Up Exfoliating Cleanser-02/13/2015Personal careliquid5.0-10.0
Olay Fresh Effects Oots Deep Pore Clean Plus Exfoliating Scrub, Essence of Honeysuckle and White Tea-03/10/2015Personal careliquid1.0-5.0
Olay Oil Minimizing Clean Foaming Cleanser-02/16/2015Personal careliquid1.0-5.0
Olay Sensitive Body Wash-02/18/2015Personal careliquid1.0-5.0
Olay Total Effects Refreshing Citrus Face Scrub-02/16/2015Personal caregel5.0-10.0
Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea Butter-02/18/2015Personal careliquid1.0-5.0
Olay Ultra Moisture Vanilla Indulgence Body Wash-02/18/2015Personal careliquid1.0-5.0
Olay Fresh Effects Cleanser, Exfoliating, Bead Me Up!-Old ProductPersonal careliquid3.0-7.0
Old Spice Dry Skin Defense Body Wash, Live Wire-02/18/2015Personal careliquid1.0-5.0
Olay Age Defying Body Wash-02/18/2015Personal careliquid1.0-5.0
Olay Deeply Clean Face Cleanser + Scrub-02/11/2015Personal careliquid1.0-5.0
Olay Fresh Effects Clear Skin Acne Hater Scrub Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment Deep Scrub-02/13/2015Personal careliquid5.0-10.0
Olay Gentle Clean Foaming Cleanser-02/17/2015Personal careliquid1.0-5.0
Olay Regenerist Detoxifying Pore Scrub-02/13/2015Personal careliquid5.0-10.0
Olay Total Effects Advanced Anti-Aging Deep Penetrating Moisture Body Wash-02/17/2015Personal careliquid1.0-5.0
Olay Total Effects Night Firming Treatment-02/16/2015Personal carecream1.0-5.0
Olay Ultra Moisture Sweet Peach Body Wash-02/18/2015Personal careliquid1.0-5.0
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