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Chemical Information
Chemical Name: Polybutene
CAS Registry Number: 009003-29-6
Synonyms: Polybutene; Polybutylene; Butene, homopolymer

Information from other National Library of Medicine databases
Health Studies: Human Health Effects from Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB)
Toxicity Information:
Chemical Information: Search ChemIDplus
Biomedical References: Search PubMed
Products that contain this ingredient
Quaker State ATV Oil-discontinuedAuto Productsliquid<10
Permatex No Touch Seriously Wet Extreme Tire Shine-Old ProductAuto Productsaerosol1.0-10.0
VersaChem Big Shot Mega Black O.E.M. High-Temp Silicone Gasket MakerAuto Productspaste<20
Prestone Power Steering Fluid for Asian Vehicles-Old ProductAuto Productsliquid
CRC Belt Conditioner 05350, Aerosol-02/12/2014Auto Productsaerosol5.0-10.0
Permatex Belt Dressing & Conditioner-Old ProductAuto Productsaerosol<10
Permatex No Touch Wet N Protect Wet Tire Finish-Old ProductAuto Productsaerosol5.0-15.0
VersaChem Mega Grey O.E.M. Import Gasket MakerAuto Productspaste<20
Rislone Premium Multi-Ratio 2-Cycle Engine OilAuto Productsliquid10.0-25.0
Meguiars Professional Mirror Glaze Detailing Clay (Agressive), C2100, Professional Use-10/11/2011Commercial / Institutionalsolid20.0-40.0
Meguiars Professional Mirror Glaze Detailing Clay (Mild), C2000-10/25/2011Commercial / Institutionalsolid20.0-40.0
UGL Glazol Painters Putty-Old ProductHome maintenancepaste<5
Liquid Nails Clear Seal All-Purpose Sealant (CS-144)-RITUHome maintenancetube1.0-5.0
Henry Liquid Tape-02/08/2011-Old ProductHome maintenancepaste1.0-5.0
UGL Glazol Elastic Glazing-Old ProductHome maintenancepaste<5
UGL Glazol Elastic Glazing-08/01/2001-old productHome maintenancepaste<5
UGL Glazol Glazing Compound-03/01/2006-Old ProductHome maintenancepaste<5
Liquid Wrench Universal Chain Lube-Old ProductHome maintenanceaerosol10.0-30.0
Klean-Strip Gum & Adhesive Remover, Aerosol-04/20/2015Home maintenanceaerosol<5
Radio Shack Sealing CompoundInside the Homepaste
Shout Advanced Action Gel, Laundry Stain Remover-01/29/2009-Old ProductInside the Homegel
Shout Advanced Ultra-Concentrated Gel Brush-02/25/2015Inside the Homegel
ShoutAdvanced Ultra Gel Brush-Old ProductInside the Homegel
Saran Premium WrapInside the Homesheet
Black Flag Fly Window Traps-07/02/2012-Old ProductInside the Homesolid59
Shout Advanced Gel, Pump Spray-02/25/2015Inside the Homepump spray
Echo Low Smoke 50:1 with Fuel Stabilizer Engine Oil-discontinuedLandscape/Yardliquid20.0-40.0
Echo Red Armor Engine OilLandscape/Yardliquid15.0-40.0
Echo PowerFuel 50-1 High Performance 2-Cycle Fuel Pre-Mix Gas+Oil-06/10/2013Landscape/Yardliquid40.0-70.0
Cover Girl LipSlicks-Old ProductPersonal caresemi-solid
Avon Beyond Color Nutralush Lip ConditionerPersonal caresolid
Avon Beyond Color Nutralush Plumping Lipstick, Corals RedsPersonal caresolid
Cover Girl LipSlicks Lip Gloss-11/01/2007Personal caresemi-solid
Avon Anew Youth-Awakening LipstickPersonal careviscous liquid
Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick SPF 15Personal caresolid
Avon Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick SPF 15Personal caresolid
Cover Girl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner Pencil, All ShadesPersonal caresolid
Cover Girl ShineBlast Lipgloss, All ShadesPersonal careliquid
Revlon Professional Liquid Quick Dry Nail EnamelPersonal careliquid
Pert Plus Shampoo + Conditioner in 1-Extra for Dry-Old ProductPersonal careliquid
Avon Beyond Color Nutralush Plumping Lipstick, Beiges, BrownsPersonal caresolid
Avon Beyond Color Nutralush Plumping Lipstick, Mauves BerriesPersonal caresolid
Cover Girl Smoothers Lipliner-11/01/2007Personal caresolid
Caress Body Wash, Exotic Oil Infusion, MoroccanPersonal careliquid
Avon Perfect Wear Extralasting LipstickPersonal caresolid
Avon Ultra Color Rich LipstickPersonal caresolid
Cover Girl Queen Collection Lip Gloss, All ShadesPersonal carecream
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