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Chemical Information
Chemical Name: Sodium isethionate
CAS Registry Number: 001562-00-1
Synonyms: Sodium isethionate; Ethanesulfonic acid, 2-hydroxy-, monosodium salt; 2-Hydroxyethanesulfonic acid, sodium salt; Sodium 2-hydroxyethanesulphonate

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Health Studies: Human Health Effects from Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB)
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Chemical Information: Search ChemIDplus
Biomedical References: Search PubMed
Products that contain this ingredient
Dove go fresh Beauty Bars, Rebalance-Old ProductAuto Productssolid
Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Beauty Bar, Burst, Nectarine and White Ginger-Old ProductAuto Productssolid
Dove Nourishing Care Shea Butter Beauty Bar-Old ProductAuto Productssolid
Olay Simply Fresh Bar Soap, Sensitive Skin, White-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Olay Bath Bar, Sensitive Skin, Unscented-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Olay Bath Bar, Pink Rose-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Ivory Moisture Care Bar Soap-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Caress Moisturizing Deodorant Body Bar-Shower Fresh-discontinuedPersonal Caresolid
Vel Beauty Bar Mild Skin Care Bar-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Oil of Olay Bar Soap for Soft Moisturized Skin-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Caress Exfoliating Renewal Beauty Bar, TahitianPersonal Caresolid
Dove Beauty Bar, Gentle Exfoliating-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Dove Beauty Bar, White-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Dove Pro-Age Beauty Bar for Vital Luminous Skin-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Olay Luscious Embrace Massaging Bar Soap-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Olay Purely Pristine Massaging Bar Soap-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Reshmi Sabun Body Bar SoapPersonal Caresolid
Dove Men+Care Body & Face Bath Bar, Extra FreshPersonal Caresolid
Olay Age Defying Beauty Bar-02/17/2015Personal Caresolid
Olay Fresh Outlast Cooling White Strawberry & Mint Beauty Bar-02/17/2015Personal Caresolid
Olay Sensitive Beauty Bar-02/17/2015Personal Caresolid
Dove Beauty Bar Go Fresh, Cool Moisture with Cucumber & Green Tea Scent-05/30/2017Personal Caresolid
Dove Summer Care Beauty Bar Exfoliates for a Natural Glow-05/30/2017Personal Caresolid
Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar for Renewed Skin-05/30/2017Personal Caresolid
Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk Beauty Bar with Coconut Milk & Jasmine Petals Scent-05/30/2017Personal Caresolid
Dove Purely Pampering Sweet Cream and Peony Beauty Bar with Sweet Cream & Peony Scent-05/30/2017Personal Caresolid
Dove White Beauty Bar with Deep Moisture-05/30/2017Personal Caresolid
Dove Go Fresh Revive Beauty Bar with Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Scent-05/30/2017Personal Caresolid
Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Face Wash-07/20/2016Personal Careliquid
Dove Men+Care Minerals + Sage Bar-05/30/2017Personal Caresolid
Olay Bar Soap-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Olay Bath Bar, Sensitive Skin-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Lever 2000 Soap Bar AntibacterialPersonal Caresolid
Caress Moisturizing Body Bar with Bath Oil-discontinuedPersonal Caresolid
Lever 2000 Deodorant Soap BarPersonal Caresolid
Ivory Moisture Care Skin Conditioning Bath Bar-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Caress Evenly Gorgeous, Exfoliating Beauty Bar, Burnt Brown Sugar and Karite ButterPersonal Caresolid
Caress Moisturizing Body Bar, Original-01/05/2007Personal Caresolid
Dove Beauty Bar, Sensitive Skin, Unscented-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Dove Go Fresh Cool Moisture Beauty Bar with Cucumber and Green Tea Scent-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash-Old ProductPersonal Carecream
Olay Professional Pro-X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser-Old ProductPersonal Careliquid
Olay Silk Whimsy Massaging Bar Soap-Old ProductPersonal Caresolid
Dove Men+Care Body & Face Bath Bar, Deep CleanPersonal Caresolid
Olay Daily Moisture Quench Beauty Bar-02/18/2015Personal Caresolid
Olay Fresh Outlast Soothing Orchid & Black Currant Bath Bar-02/18/2015Personal Caresolid
Olay Ultra Moisture Outlast Beauty Bar-02/18/2015Personal Caresolid
Dove Go Fresh Rejuvenate Bar, Pear & Aloe Vera-05/30/2017Personal Caresolid
Dove Dry Oil Beauty Bar with Moroccan Argan Oil-05/30/2017Personal Caresolid
Dove Pink Beauty Bar with Deep Moisture-05/30/2017Personal Caresolid
Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter Beauty Bar with Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla Scent-05/30/2017Personal Caresolid
Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar, Unscented-05/30/2017Personal Caresolid
Dove Go Fresh Revitalize Beauty Bar with Mandarin & Tiare flower Scent-05/30/2017Personal Caresolid
Dove Men+Care Deep Clean+ Face Scrub-07/20/2016Personal Careliquid
Dove Men+Care Sensitive+ Face Wash-07/20/2016Personal Careliquid
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