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Home Products Manufacturers Ingredients Health Effects
Chemical Information
Chemical Name: MDI (polymeric)
CAS Registry Number: 009016-87-9
Synonyms: MDI (polymeric); Isocyanic acid, polymethylenepolyphenylene ester; Polymethylene polyphenyl isocyanate; Polymethylene polyphenylisocyanate; Polymethylenepolyphenyl isocyanate

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Products that contain this ingredient
Elmers Probond Polyurethane Glue-11/19/04-Old ProductArts & Craftsliquid30-50
Elmers Glue-All Max Polyurethane, Tube-02/19/2009Arts & Craftsliquid30.0-50.0
PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive-Old ProductHome maintenancecaulk tube5
Great Stuff Insulation/Sealant-Old ProductHome maintenanceaerosol10.0-30.0
ChemRex 948 Urethane Adhesive-Old ProductHome maintenanceviscous liquid4.0-8.0
OSI Pro Series WF 12 Wonder Foam Sealant-Old ProductHome maintenanceaerosol10.0 - 15.0
Great Stuff Window and Door-Old ProductHome maintenanceaerosol foam5.0-10.0
Great Stuff-Old ProductHome maintenanceaerosol foam5.0-10.0
Great Stuff Pro W&D Foam-Old ProductHome maintenanceaerosol foam5.0-10.0
ChemRex 948 Urethane Adhesive-01/08/2002Home maintenanceviscous liquid5
Great Stuff Window and Door-09/19/2002-Old ProductHome maintenanceaerosol foam5.0-10.0
Sherwin-Williams White Lightening Stop Gap Insulating Foam MinimalHome maintenancespray20-55
Owens PinkSeal Foam SealantHome maintenanceaerosol<25
Gorilla Glue, New Stronger-FasterHome maintenanceliquid50-60
Great Stuff Window and Door Insulating Foam Sealant-09/11/2008Home maintenanceaerosol10.0-30.0
Great Stuff Pro Window and Door Insulating Foam Sealant-01/31/2008Home maintenanceaerosol15-40
Great Stuff Fireblock Insulating FoamHome maintenanceaerosol10.0-30.0
Red Devil Polyurethane Minimal Expanding Foam, AerosolHome maintenanceaerosol5.0-10.0
Loctite PL Premium Advanced Polyurethane Construction AdhesiveHome maintenancepaste5.0-10.0
Red Devil Foam & Fill Fire Block Polyurethane Foam Sealant, AerosolHome maintenanceaerosol<30
DuraPro Liquid Polyurethane Glue AW 0024-09/11/2013Home maintenanceliquid10.0-30.0
Loctite PL Premium Construction Adhesive-12/18/2014Home maintenancepaste1.0-5.0
OSI GreenSeriesPro Foam II Minimally Expanding Insulating Foam, Aerosol-12/18/2014Home maintenanceaerosol10.0-30.0
DAP Kwik Foam-old productHome maintenanceaerosol5.0-20.0
Foam Plus Insulation/Sealant-discontinuedHome maintenanceaerosol10.0-30.0
PL 400 Construction Adhesive-old productHome maintenancesemi-solid<5.0
Red Devil Polyurethane Expanding Foam Sealant-old productHome maintenanceaerosol10.0-30.0
OSI Pro Series Pro Foam II Foam Sealant-Old ProductHome maintenanceaerosol10.0-15.0
Great Stuff Triple Expanding Foam-Old ProductHome maintenanceaerosol foam5.0-10.0
Gaps and Cracks Foam-Old ProductHome maintenanceaerosol foam30-60
ChemRex 948 Urethane Adhesive 1-Old ProductHome maintenanceliquid4.0-8.0
Great Stuff-09/19/2002-Old ProductHome maintenanceaerosol foam5.0-10.0
Gaps and Cracks Foam-09/26/2002-Old ProductHome maintenanceaerosol foam5.0-10.0
Sherwin-Williams White Lightening Stop Gap Insulating Foam TripleHome maintenancespray20-55
Great Stuff Gaps and Cracks Foam Sealant-01/31/2008Home maintenanceaerosol10.0-30.0
Great Stuff Big Gap Filler Insulating Foam Sealant-04/17/2008Home maintenanceaerosol10.0-30.0
Red Devil Polyurethane Triple Expanding Foam, AerosolHome maintenanceaerosol5.0-10.0
DAP Kwik Foam Polyurethane Insulating Foam Sealant-08/26/2008Home maintenanceliquid5.0-10.0
Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive-Old ProductHome maintenancepaste1.0-5.0
Dura Pro Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive AF 2130-02/07/2012Home maintenanceliquid1.0-5.0
Loctite PL Premium Fast Grab-12/18/2014Home maintenancepaste5.0-10.0
OSI PVC Trim Mount Fast Grab Mounting Adhesive, Grey-12/18/2014Home maintenancepaste5.0-10.0
OSI QUAD Foam Window & Door Installation Foam, Aerosol-12/16/2014Home maintenanceaerosol10.0-30.0
Elmers Probond Polyurethane Glue-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid50-70
Elmers Carpenters Glue All Max-06/24/2010Inside the Homeliquid30.0-50.0
Great Stuff Pond and Stone Insulating Foam SealantLandscape/Yardaerosol5.0-10.0
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