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Home Products Manufacturers Ingredients Health Effects
Chemical Information
Chemical Name: Lemon oil
CAS Registry Number: 008008-56-8
Synonyms: Lemon oil; Citrus limon extract; Citrus limon oil; Extract of lemon; Lemon extract; Oil of lemon; Oils, lemon

Information from other National Library of Medicine databases
Health Studies: Human Health Effects from Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB)
Toxicity Information:
Chemical Information: Search ChemIDplus
Products that contain this ingredient
Zymol Strik Engine WashAuto Productsliquid
Zymol Vinyl, Vinyl ConditionerAuto Productsliquid
Zymol HD-Cleanse Pre-Wax CleanerAuto Productsliquid
Zymol Treat Leather ConditionerAuto Productsliquid
Pledge Commercial Line, Lemon Clean, Aerosol, Professional Use-08/22/2008Commercial / Institutionalaerosol
Crown Low VOC Pro ThinnerHome maintenanceliquid0-5.0
Earth Friendly Products Floor Kleener-Old ProductInside the Homepump spray
Seventh Generation Organic All-Purpose Natural Cleaner, LemonInside the Homeliquid<1
Earth Friendly Products Baby ECOS Stain and Odor Remover, Pump SprayInside the Homepump spray
Earth Friendly Products Silver PolishInside the Homeliquid
Earth Friendly Products Wavejet Auto Dishwasher Rinse AidInside the Homeliquid
Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Refills, Cashmere Woods-02/24/2015Inside the Homeliquid
Seventh Generation Organic Foaming Natural Dish Soap, LemonInside the Homeliquid<1
Glade Tough Odor Solutions Fabric and Air Odor Eliminator, Clear Springs, Pump Spray-02/24/2015Inside the Homepump spray
Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Refills, White Tea & Lily-04/08/2015Inside the Homeliquid
Earth Friendly Products Skunk Odor RemoverLandscape/Yardliquid
Bath & Body Works Body Lotion-Flowering HerbsPersonal careliquid
Avon Wild Country Outback Eau De Toilette SprayPersonal careliquid
Old Spice Classic After Shave, Pure Sport-03/27/2015Personal careliquid0.1-1.0
Old Spice Fresher Collection Deodorant, Invisible Solid, Citron with Sandalwood-03/19/2015Personal caresolid0.1-1.0
Old Spice Wild Collection Spray Cologne, Wolfthorn-03/18/2015Personal careliquid0.1-1.0
Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash, 3X Clean, Fresh-02/17/2015Personal careliquid0.1-1.0
Pure Elements Hydrating Conditioner-Dry, PermedPersonal careliquid
Avon Wild Country Outback After Shave LotionPersonal careliquid
Daily Renewal 5X Volumizing Conditioner For Fine Hair-Old ProductPersonal carecream
Old Spice Classic Cologne, Fresh-03/27/2015Personal careliquid0.1-1.0
Old Spice Wild Collection Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Invisible Solid, Foxcrest-04/02/2015Personal caresolid0.1-1.0
Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil-02/12/2015Personal careliquid
Old Spice Wild Collection Deodorant, Foxcrest-04/02/2015Personal caresolid0.1-1.0
Earth Friendly Products Natumate Stain & Odor Remover, Natural Pet Formula-Old ProductPet Careliquid
Earth Friendly Products Pet Stain & Odor Remover, Pump SprayPet Carepump spray
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