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Chemical Information
Chemical Name: D&C Green #8 (C.I. 59040)
CAS Registry Number: 006358-69-6
Synonyms: Green 8; 1,3,6-Pyrenetrisulfonic acid, 8-hydroxy-, trisodium salt; C.I. 59040; D & C Green no. 8; Pyranine; Trisodium 8-hydroxypyrene-1,3,6-trisulphonate; CI 59040; D&C Green No. 8

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Health Studies: ***No information available in HSDB at this time***
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Products that contain this ingredient
Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner, With Febreze Fresh Scent, Meadows & Rain-Old ProductInside the Homeliquid
Masterpiece Neutral Cleaner ConcentrateInside the Homeliquid
Coast Deodorant Bar Soap-Original Scent-Old ProductPersonal caresolid
Irish Spring Deodorant Body Soap, Original-Old ProductPersonal caresolid
Skintimate Signature Scents, Moisturizing Shave Gel, Melon Burst-Old ProductPersonal caregel
Soft & Beautiful Just for Me Naturally Gentle Texture SoftenerPersonal carekit(Part A-Activator)
Irish Spring Original Deodorant Bar Soap-03/28/2016Personal caresolid
Pert Plus Shampoo + Conditioner in 1- Extra Body-Old ProductPersonal careliquid
Suave Deodorant Soap, RefreshingPersonal caresolid
Edge Skin Conditioner Shave Gel-discontinuedPersonal caregel
Lever 2000 Deodorant Soap, Fresh Aloe-01/05/2007Personal caresolid
Irish Spring Deodorant Bath Bar, Original-10/05/2012-Old ProductPersonal caresolid
8 in 1 FerretSheen Deodorizing & Conditioning SprayPet Carepump spray
8 in 1 Perfect Coat Select Deep Cleansing Shampoo-Pet Careliquid
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