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Home Products Manufacturers Ingredients Health Effects
Manufacturer: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Address: 50 East Hamilton Street
City: Chalfont
State: PA
Zip Code: 18914
Date Info Verified: 2017-02-27
Products by this manufacturer
Algae Destroyer Advanced
Algae Destroyer for Freshwater Aquariums
Algae Destroyer Liquid
AlgaeFix-Old Product
Ammo Carb Activated Carbon & Ammonia Removing Resin-Old Product
Ammo Cat-Old Product
Ammo Chips Ammonia Removing Resin-Old Product
Ammo-Carb Activated Carbon & Ammonia Removing Resin-12/22/2005
Ammo-Chips Ammonia Removing Resin-12/22/2005
Bio Chem Zorb-Old Product
Bio Chem. Zorb-01/04/2006
Doc Wellfishs Aquarium Salt
Fungus Cure Capsules/Powder
Furan 2 Capsules/Powder-Old Product
Furan-2 Capsules-01/05/2006
General Cure Capsules-01/05/2006
General Cure Capsules/Powder
Goldfish Ammonia Remover
Goldfish Aquarium Salt-12/23/2005
Goldfish Aquarium Salt-Old Product
Goldfish Bio Clean
Goldfish Fungus Cure
Goldfish Fungus Cure Capsules-01/05/2006
Goldfish Super Ick Cure-12/19/2005
Goldfish Super Ick Cure-Old Product
Goldfish Water Conditioner
Liquid Fungus Cure-12/19/2005
Liquid Fungus Cure-Old Product
Liquid Super Ick Cure
Mela Fix-Old Product
Nitra Zorb-Old Product
pH down-10/06/2005
pH Down-Old Product
pH Up-09/30/2005
pH Up-Old Product
Phos Zorb-Old Product
Pond Care AlgaeFix-10/14/2005
Pond Care MelaFix-11/16/2005
Sparkling Clear-08/20/2007
Sparkling Clear-Old Product
Splendid Beta Complete Water Conditioner
Splendid Betta Water Conditioner-Old Product
Stress Coat Aquarium Water Conditioner-10/14/2005
Stress Coat-Old Product
Stress Zyme-10/14/2005
Stress Zyme-Old Product
Super Ick Cure Capsules-01/05/2006-Old Product
Super Ick Cure Capsules/Powder
Super Ick Cure Powder-01/09/2006
Tap Water Conditioner-12/27/2005
Tap Water Conditioner-Old Product
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