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Home Products Manufacturers Ingredients Health Effects
Manufacturer: KIK Pool Additives, Inc.
Formerly Chem Lab Products, Inc.
Address: 5160 E. Airport Drive
City: Ontario
State: CA
Zip Code: 91761
Telephone Number: 909-390-9912
Fax Number: 909-390-9911
Toll Free Number: 800-767-7665
Date Info Verified: 2019-01-15
Products by this manufacturer
Kem Tek 1-Inch Chlorinating Tablets-09/19/2017
Kem Tek Alkalinity Booster-05/01/2015
Kem Tek Chlorinating Liquid-03/28/2017
Kem Tek Green Algaecide-05/01/2015
Kem Tek Mustard Algaecide-05/01/2015
Kem Tek pH Minus-03/26/2015
Kem Tek pH Plus-03/26/2015
Kem Tek Phosphate Remover-04/21/2015
Kem Tek Shock Quick 10-05/01/2015
Kem Tek Spa Brominator Tablets-07/31/2015
Kem Tek Spa Foam Inhibitor-05/01/2015
Kem Tek Spa Liquid Shock-07/11/2016
Kem Tek Spa pH Minus-05/08/2015
Kem Tek Spa Water Clarifier-05/01/2015
Kem Tek Stabilizer Conditioner-05/01/2015
Kem Tek Super Shock Quick 20-05/01/2015
Kem Tek Ultra Clarifier-05/01/2015
KemTek Algaecide & Clarifier-06/07/2016
KemTek All-In-One Algaecide-05/01/2015
KemTek All-In-One Chlorinating Granules-09/19/2017
Kem Tek Algaecide 60% Concentrated-Old Product
Kem Tek Algaecide Plus Clarifier-Old Product
Kem Tek Algy Bar 230-Old Product
Kem Tek Algy Cop-Old Product
Kem Tek Alkalinity Booster-Old Product
Kem Tek All in One Chlorinating Granules-Old Product
Kem Tek Cal Chlor Chlorinating Granules-Old Product
Kem Tek Calcium & Metal Eliminator-Old Product
Kem Tek Chlorine Stabilizer-Old Product
Kem Tek Granular Algaecide-Old Product
Kem Tek Kemklor II Chlorinating Liquid-Old Product
Kem Tek Muriatic Acid-Old Product
Kem Tek pH Minus, Dry Acid-Old Product
Kem Tek Shock Pouches-Old Product
Kem Tek Shock Quick-Old Product
Kem Tek Splasher Pool Sanitizer-Old Product
Kem Tek Stain & Scale Inhibitor-Old Product
Kem Tek Swimming Pool 1 inch Chlorinating Tablets-Old Product
Kem Tek Swimming Pool 3 inch Chlorinating Tablets-Old Product
Kem Tek Swimming Pool Chlorinating Sticks-Old Product
Kem Tek Swimming Pool Floating Chlorinator-Old Product
Kem Tek Tile & Spa Cleaner-Old Product
Kem Tek Ultra Clarifier-Old Product
Kem Tek Water Clarifier-Old Product
Spa Kem Algy Bar 206-Old Product
Spa Kem All in One Chlorinating Granules-Old Product
Spa Kem Bromi Buoy-Old Product
Spa Kem Brominating Tablets-Old Product
Spa Kem Foam Inhibitor-Old Product
Spa Kem Liquid Shock-Old Product
Spa Kem Stain & Scale Inhibitor-Old Product
Spa Kem Water Clarifier-Old Product
Vinyl Pool Shock-Old Product
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