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Manufacturer: Chem Lab Products, Inc. (KIK Pool Additives, Inc.)
Address: 5160 E. Airport Drive
City: Ontario
State: CA
Zip Code: 91761
Telephone Number: 909-390-9912
Fax Number: 909-390-9911
Toll Free Number: 800-767-7665
Date Info Verified: 2017-02-28
Products by this manufacturer
Kem Tek Algaecide 60% Concentrated
Kem Tek Algaecide Plus Clarifier
Kem Tek Algy Bar 230
Kem Tek Algy Cop
Kem Tek Alkalinity Booster
Kem Tek All in One Chlorinating Granules
Kem Tek Cal Chlor Chlorinating Granules
Kem Tek Calcium & Metal Eliminator
Kem Tek Chlorine Stabilizer
Kem Tek Granular Algaecide
Kem Tek Kemklor II Chlorinating Liquid
Kem Tek Muriatic Acid
Kem Tek pH Minus, Dry Acid
Kem Tek Shock Pouches
Kem Tek Shock Quick
Kem Tek Splasher Pool Sanitizer
Kem Tek Stain & Scale Inhibitor
Kem Tek Swimming Pool 1 inch Chlorinating Tablets
Kem Tek Swimming Pool 3 inch Chlorinating Tablets
Kem Tek Swimming Pool Chlorinating Sticks
Kem Tek Swimming Pool Floating Chlorinator
Kem Tek Tile & Spa Cleaner
Kem Tek Ultra Clarifier
Kem Tek Water Clarifier
Spa Kem Algy Bar 206
Spa Kem All in One Chlorinating Granules
Spa Kem Bromi Buoy
Spa Kem Brominating Tablets
Spa Kem Foam Inhibitor
Spa Kem Liquid Shock
Spa Kem Stain & Scale Inhibitor
Spa Kem Water Clarifier
Vinyl Pool Shock
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