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Home Products Manufacturers Ingredients Health Effects
Manufacturer: Dural Company
Multibond, Inc.
Address: 550 Marshall Avenue
City: Dorval
State: Quebe
Zip Code: H9P 1C9
Telephone Number: 514-636-6230
Fax Number: 514-631-7737
Toll Free Number: 800-361-2340
Date Info Verified: 2019-01-16
Products by this manufacturer
Dura Pro Carpenters Glue AW 2094-09/28/2012
Dura Pro Ceramic Tile Adhesive AF 0044-11/05/2012
Dura Pro Concrete Weld AC 0616-09/17/2013
Dura Pro Construction & Panel Adhesive AC 0055-09/10/2014
Dura Pro Contact Cement AC 1920-11/20/2014
Dura Pro Craft Glue AW 2992-09/28/2012
Dura Pro Engineered Wood & Parquet Adhesive AF 8839-10/05/2012
Dura Pro Exterior Wood Glue AW 2539-09/28/2012
Dura Pro Floating Floor Adhesive AF 2607-09/28/2012
Dura Pro Foamboard Adhesive AC0054-11/06/2012
Dura Pro Latex Contact Cement AC 2389-09/28/2012
Dura Pro Natural Wood Parquet Adhesive AF 0032-09/12/2013
Dura Pro Outdoor Carpet Adhesive AF0038-05/28/2013
Dura Pro Polyurethane Construction Adhesive AC 0058-09/17/2013
Dura Pro Pre-Finished Wood Parquet Adhesive AF 0034-10/12/2012
Dura Pro Soft Floor Covering Adhesive AF 0036-11/05/2012
Dura Pro Spray Grade Contact Cement AC 1875-11/20/2014
Dura Pro Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive AF 2130-02/07/2012
Dura Pro White Glue AW 2461-09/28/2012
Dura Pro Wood Glue AW 4400-09/11/2013
Dura Pro Woodworkers Glue AW 2300-09/11/2013
DuraPro Liquid Polyurethane Glue AW 0024-09/11/2013
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