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Chemical Information
Chemical Name: Benzene
CAS Registry Number: 000071-43-2
Synonyms: Benzeen; Benzen; Benzin; Benzine; Benzol; Benzol 90; Benzole; Benzolene; Benzolo; Bicarburet of hydrogen; Carbon oil; Coal naphtha; Cyclohexatriene; Fenzen; Mineral naphtha; Motor benzol; Nitration benzene; Phene; Phenyl hydride; Polystream; Pyrobenzol; Pyrobenzole

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Products that contain this ingredient
Parks Adhesive Remover-09/04/1998-discontinuedArts & Craftsliquid
Elmers Multipurpose Spray Adhesive, Aerosol-02/09/2012Arts & Craftsaerosol<0.00070
Elmers CraftBond Acid-Free Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive, Aerosol, -02/09/2012Arts & Craftsaerosol<0.00070
Castrol GTX SynBlend Premium Synthetic Blend Motor Oil 10W30Auto Productsliquid
Castrol GTX High Mileage Motor Oil 10W30Auto Productsliquid
CRC Guaranteed to Pass Emissions Test Formula, Complete Fuel System Cleaner 05063-10/03/2012Auto Productsliquid
Champion Sprayon Flush Off DegreaserAuto Productsaerosol<1
ExxonMobil Unleaded Automotive GasolineAuto Productsliquid0.1-5
Castrol GTX Motor Oil 10W30-08/04/2010Auto Productsliquid
Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding PolishAuto Productswoven fabric
CRC Gasoline 1-Tank Power Renew 05815-04/05/2013Auto Productsliquid
Sprayway Interior Detailer, Matte Finish, SW-780, Aerosol-08/03/2016Auto Productsaerosol
Glidden Ultra Hide Alkyd Semi Gloss Interior, Deep Tint BaseHome Maintenanceliquid0.1-1.0
LePage Pres-tite Blue Heavy Duty Spray AdhesiveHome Maintenanceliquid0-0.1
Glidden Ultra Hide Alkyd Semi Gloss Interior, Intermediate Tint BaseHome Maintenanceliquid0.1-1.0
Red Devil ZIP-A-WAY Removable Sealant-Old ProductHome Maintenancepaste<0.1
Howard Restor-A-FinishInside the Homeliquid<.01%
Palmolive ECO+ Dishwasher Liquid Detergent, Lemon Splash-05/12/2015Inside the Homeliquid
Palmolive ECO+ Dishwasher Liquid Detergent, Citrus Apple Splash-05/12/2015Inside the Homeliquid
Wolman F&P Natural Exterior Wood Stain Finish and Preservative, Redwood-05/14/2015Landscape/Yardliquid
Virbac Resicort Leave-on Lotion-03/04/2011Pet Careliquid
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