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Arts & Crafts
            Champion Sprayon Metallic-24kt Gold-Old Product
            Design Master Colortool Spray, Antique Gold 746, Aerosol-03/14/2014
            Design Master Colortool Spray, Brilliant Gold 731-03/14/2014
            Design Master Colortool Spray, Brilliant Silver 734-03/14/2014
            Design Master Colortool Spray, Copper 733, Aerosol-03/14/2014
            Duncan Ultra Metallics
    metallic paint
            Champion Sprayon Metallic-24kt Gold-Old Product
            Champion Sprayon Metallic-24kt Gold-Old Product
Inside the Home
    metallic finish
            Rust Oleum Painters Touch, Gold Metallic-Old Product
            Valspar Plasti-Cote Metallics Spray Paint, Brass No. 19103-Discontinued
            Valspar Plasti-Cote Metallics Spray Paint, Copper No. 19104
            Valspar Plasti-Cote Metallics Spray Paint, Gold No. 19100
            Valspar Plasti-Cote Metallics Spray Paint, Silver No. 19101
        Paint, Spray
            Krylon 18 Kt. Gold Plate-Old Product
            Krylon Industrial Maintenance Metallic Paint, Bright Gold-Old Product
            Krylon Industrial Maintenance Metallic Paint, Bright Silver-Old Product
            Krylon Industrial Maintenance Metallic Paint, Dull Aluminum-Old Product
            Krylon Industrial Maintenance Metallic Paint, Gold-Old Product
            Krylon Industrial Maintenance Primer, Platinum-Old Product
            Krylon Interior/Exterior Paint Chrome-Old Product
            Krylon Interior/Exterior Paint, Brass Metallic-Old Product
            Krylon Interior/Exterior Paint, Copper Metallic-Old Product
            Krylon Original Chrome Finish-Old Product
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